Handala is the Arabic word for the colocynth plant - a perennial that bears a bitter fruit used in traditional healing, it grows back when cut, and has deep roots.
As a symbol of the resilient existence of the Palestinian people, the name was made famous when it was given to the cartoon character created by Naji Al-Ali.

Having been born a state-less refugee and defying the odds to be able to provide oral and dental healthcare services to our community,
this name was chosen to personify the story behind the dentist & to foster a human connection with all.




Dr. Awad uses state of the art methods to diagnose and plan treatment in close coordination with his patients. After being presented with the options available for your particular concerns and needs, you will be comprehensively involved in your treatment planning and continuing care.


Feel free to ask us about any of the services we provide.


Emergency Services

True dental emergencies, once identified, will be prioritized to be seen immediately at our clinic.

Tooth pain- Unrelieved by over-the-counter pain medications at their maximum dosage is considered a dental emergency and will be prioritized for immediate evaluation.
Bleeding- That is continuous without any signs of slowing down even after using all measures outlined to you after the dental procedure.
Swelling- that has developed quickly and hinders movement and function.
Trauma- To the teeth and surrounding structures is a dental emergency when accompanied by one or more of the above situations.
Lost fillings and chips or fractures of teeth that do not present with pain, bleeding or swelling will be prioritized for treatment though are not considered a true dental emergency.

If we are closed or you are unable to contact our office and are presenting with any of the above, please head to the nearest ER or call 911.


The removal of teeth is a last resort. Teeth are usually removed to prevent infection or to create space for tooth movement with braces. Dr. Awad will examine and assess your teeth and their supporting structures to evaluate the need for extractions. Options for completing extractions under various types of sedation are available.

Dental Restorations

Broken, decayed or cavitated teeth need to be repaired to prevent further damage and to maintain function. Depending on the extent and location of the repair needed, Dr. Awad will present you with different options. These may include metal fillings or tooth-coloured fillings that are placed directly into your tooth using techniques and materials that will provide you with a comfortable result. In certain circumstances, Dr. Awad may offer you custom fillings that are cemented into/onto your tooth (inlays/onlays), or custom crowns that are cemented over your tooth. These customized treatments are done by using the Primescan to create a digital model of your teeth and bite that will then be used in a software to build and mill your new restoration.


Implants are one of the ways to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are placed within the bone, below the gums. After the bone heals around the implants, they will be stable enough to hold a tooth crown. Several implants can be used to support replacing multiple teeth in the form of fixed or removable dentures.

Dr. Awad will very soon be implementing implant treatment for his patients!

We will use state of the art diagnostic imaging technologies to evaluate the areas that need treatment. This will include three-dimensional x-ray technologies using the Orthophos S 3D as well as intraoral scans of your teeth and bite using the Primescan. Many factors are taken into consideration when evaluating for implant treatment, including but not limited to, current dental health and conditions, level and type of gums and bone as well as the current medical history. You will then be presented with the implant options available to you and their limitations. Through this discussion, together with you, a treatment plan will be decided upon that will include expectations, a timeline of appointments and financials.

Invisible Aligners

Braces are dental devices used to correct the alignment of teeth (straighten teeth) and correct any problems with your bite (underbite, overbite, crossbite, etc.). Many times, we will refer to an orthodontist to have consultations and treatment. In less complex cases, Dr. Awad will be able to offer you the option of having treatment completed with clear aligners at our clinic.

Clear aligners work in the same way as conventional braces, by placing continuous light forces on the teeth to move them in certain directions. We will collect digital scans of your teeth using the Primescan as well as photographs to send to our digital lab for our treatment plan to be modified and confirmed. Upon approval, treatment may begin. Clear aligner treatment requires many follow-up visits to evaluate the progress of treatment and to administer the different appliances.

At Handala Dental, we will provide our patients with clear aligner treatment using SureSmile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding procedures can be used to treat worn down or discoloured teeth or to reduce gaps between teeth. Layers of a selective shade of composite resin are bonded to your tooth. After it is formed and shaped, each layer is hardened using a blue LED light of a specific wavelength range. Your tooth will then be smoothened and polished to give the bonding a natural look that is well blended with the rest of your teeth.

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells of ceramic that are very strong when cemented onto your tooth. These laminate exteriors on your teeth give a very natural and esthetic smile. The tooth enamel needs to be ground down slightly, a minimal amount relative to the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed for a crown. Dr. Awad will use the Primescan to create digital models of your prepared teeth and customize the build-up of your veneers on a computer software. We will get your approval on the shape and colour of your veneers as rendered on the computer screen before proceeding with their construction. These procedures sometimes take multiple appointments.

Whitening teeth that are stained can be done in our clinic where you can get an immediate result with a brighter smile by several shades within one hour. Another option is to have us customize bleaching trays for you to use at home with specific bleaching agents that we provide to you. Teeth darken naturally with age, or from consumption of dark beverages or intake of certain medications, ask us about what options are available to you at your next visit!

Kids Dentistry

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist by the age of 12 months! Baby teeth are prone to dental decay as soon as they erupt in the mouth. We will help guide you to provide best practices for your child’s oral health. We will also recommend annual exams and cleaning that will help keep a positive rapport between your child and the dentist as well as decrease the chances of extensive treatments. Dr. Awad supports the application of fluoride on an annual or semi-annual basis in the prevention of tooth decay; ask us about the risks and benefits of fluoride.

Children that are 14 years of age or younger and have a valid Nova Scotia MSI Health Card have the privilege to be provided with basic dental coverage from the provincial government. Help your child to become proactive in their dental and oral health by taking advantage of this program that our government provides.

In certain circumstances, we may offer your child other treatment options to complete required procedures either at our office or elsewhere if there is a lack of cooperation.

Custom Guards

Night guards, also known as biteplanes, are a custom-made acrylic appliance that is worn at night to protect the teeth and prevent grinding and clenching habits while asleep. Signs and symptoms of grinding and clenching may include pain in the jaw joint, fatigued muscles or headaches when you wake up, or chips, wears and cracks in your teeth.

Sports guards, also known as mouth guards, are a custom-made acrylic appliance that is worn while playing contact sports. Contact sports or other activities may cause dental injury which may lead to trauma, pain, need for extensive treatment and possible loss of teeth.

These appliances, when made at a dental clinic are much more accurate and protective than their over-the-counter and direct-to-consumer counter parts. To decrease the risk of tooth fractures and other dental issues, ask us about getting a guard that works for you.


Dentures are commonly known as “false teeth” and they are an option to replace missing teeth and restore your smile and function. They are removable appliances that can be taken in and out and require meticulous home care. Full dentures replace all of your missing teeth. Partial dentures replace missing teeth when you have some natural teeth remaining; they can be made out of plastic or metal. Sometimes temporary partial dentures can be made for you as you wait for more definitive treatment and the option for a smaller flexible partial denture may be presented.

Dentures, full or partial, can be supplemented with implants to make them more stable and less mobile. Ask us about what options are available to you!

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal or gum health is crucial for the maintenance and health of your teeth. Gum disease that is limited and reversible is known as gingivitis; gum disease that extends to the surrounding bone and tooth attachment is known as periodontal disease.

Regular maintenance appointments (dental hygiene and recall exams) at the recommended frequency will allow us to resolve any disease or infection and decrease the chance of relapse by maintaining optimal gingival and periodontal health. In some cases, gum/periodontal surgery will be required to supplement your treatment and increase the chance of remission and resolution.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental fear and anxiety are very common. We will ask you a few questions on the intake form to get an idea of your comfort level before we even seat you in the dental chair. We will work very closely with you to evaluate your dental anxiety and we may offer different levels of sedation if you are a suitable candidate before scheduling treatments.

Dr. Awad is permitted by the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia to administer oral and/or nitrous oxide/oxygen (gas) sedation for dental treatment appointments to his patients. We will discuss the options available to you in detail after evaluation. Both of these methods of sedation are considered conscious levels of sedation where you will be responsive to help guide the treatment.

3D Digital Scanning-


The innovative Primescan digital impression technology scans over 1,000,000 3D points per second, producing incredibly photo realistic and highly accurate data.

We use these scans with digital design software to customize your treatment with CAD/CAM 3D printing and milling technologies.

We are excited to offer our services with the tools you deserve, the best dental technology available.

Digital Radiograpy

Digital Radiograpy Precision, Safety, Speed, Comfort.

Proudly using Sidexis 4 Digital Imaging in our office.

Results That Matter To You

Results That Matter To You Comprehensive Services- Your Way.

Methodical application of todays best dental practices.

State Of The Art Facility

State Of The Art Facility Contemporary Modern Dentistry.

We want your visit with us to be an experience.


Handala Dental is humbly located in Mi’kma’ki and we are grateful to be in community
with other locally owned and operated businesses on this territory.

Basic oral and dental healthcare is an essential service.
We recognize the different experiences that folks in our community have that may hinder access.
We want to listen and to help make your visits to our office happen as comfortably as possible.